Little Light

by John Shakespear

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released November 12, 2016

JOHN SHAKESPEAR - vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboards
PARKER CRANE - drums, percussion, bass ("little light" and "to die for")
STEPHEN MARTIS - synthesizers ("such a fool" and "to die for")
SAMUEL NEWMARK - lead guitar ("to die for")

All songs by John Shakespear.

Engineered and mixed at M&M Studios in Oakland, CA by Parker Crane.


all rights reserved



John Shakespear Nashville, Tennessee

Spend Your Youth out May 10, on tour soon. Produced by Devon Dawson (credits on LOCAL NATIVES) with additional mixing from Greg Giorgio of Tarquin Studios (THE NATIONAL, KURT VILE, SHARON VAN ETTEN).

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Track Name: To Die For
Close your eyes, I'll walk you through this
Smile slightly, hold your chin up
Do your best to laugh if someone jokes about the weather
Don't forget that it is better to be nice than to be right
Don't forget that it is better to be nice.

You are grown and you are happy
You have satisfying hobbies
You love shaking hands in lobbies
This is what you've always wanted
You love masquerades and costumes
Red and white and baby blue
You think that new place is awesome
Local farms, organic food

But oh, oh
you say you wanted more
Something to live for
Something to die for
and oh, oh,
you say it's not enough

Close your eyes I'll walk you through this
Please repeat the magic lines
You have never dreamt of freedom
You are not afraid to die
Perfect home and stable children
You have never wondered why
People throw themselves from buildings
Out into the evening sky

But oh, oh, oh...

Gluten free pilates night out
Happy hour when it's bright out
Yoga coffee hotel lobbies
Microbrews and urban farming
If you're sad just call a doctor
Buy a little dog and walk her
Skim a book on global warming
Call your girlfriend sound the warning
Buy a ring and call it love
and instagram the tender stuff
Buy expensive skincare lotion
Get a house and feign devotion
Golden age of information
Creeping sense of alienation

Oh, oh,
you say you wanted more
Something to live for
Something to die for
Something to live for
Something to die for
Something to live for
Something to die for


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